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Frequently Asked Questions

When can i expect delivery of the goods if I purchase?

We delivery 6 days a weeks and if your items are in stock you can expect same day delivery (in town) and within a day or two if you are within the county. We also liaise with a few different courier company and can organise nationwide delivery. We have also facilitated delivery to the UK and mainland Europe recently so we can help you organise this if you need it.
We sell from stock and most items are ready for immediate delivery. If the item you require is out of stock the lead time would usually be a week to fortnight but we can advise you at the time if purchase when your items are due.

Will the good be put into the room, assembled and what happens all the packaging?

We ensue all items are placed and assembled in the room of your choice unless we are instructed otherwise by the customer. We also remove and discard of all the plastic and cardboard accompanying these items.
Under current Health ans Safely Legislation our delivery staff are required to wear proper safety footwear and accordingly delivery is to the front door of your premises. We are more than happy to place your items in a specific room, however, we cannot accept any liability for any occurrence that might take place thereon.

I received a gift voucher and I'm wondering how long it is vaild for?

We offer a flexible “no expiry” policy in our shop. Once you have the original voucher that was issued at the time of purchase we will honour for you. We will also let you use your voucher for multiple purchases.

What types of payments do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, cheques and cash. You can also pay cash or cheque on delivery if you are not able to come in store before your items are delivered. We also can accept credit card payments over the telephone for the same reason if you can not get in store or are abroad/living outside the county and we can get the items delivered for you with no hassle for you.

What happens if my goods arrive and are defective?

We the company will at it’s earlier opportunity repair, replace or refund the Customer with the full purchase price of Goods sold and delivered which upon delivery are defective by reason of faulty materials or otherwise PROVIDED THAT written notice of any such defect shall be given by the Customer to the Company within one month of delivery of the Goods.
The Company shall not be liable in respect of any defect in the Goods where such defect arises from or is otherwise attributable to any drawing design or specification supplied by the Customer.